Pocket Handbook of Body Reflex Zones Illustrated in Color

Based on a holistic approach to the body, reflex zone therapy is an energy medicine understood through meridian and reflex theory. This concise handbook presents the key principles of this ancient system.

Covering everything from cranial, facial and auricular zones to hand, feet, wrist and ankle points, the book provides practical and accessible information on the locations and indications of the reflex zones. Extensively illustrated with photographs that clearly display the reflex points, the book helps readers to learn and remember the basic applications. It is the perfect quick reference for the methods and techniques of this therapy.

Compiled by professors of the School of Acupuncture and Massage of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is an authoritative handbook that will be of interest to teachers and students of Chinese medicine as well as clinical practitioners.
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Press reviews for: Pocket Handbook of Body Reflex Zones Illustrated in Color

The Association of Natural Medicines

With this treat in your pocket or bag, anyone can hit the right spot and enable you to relax through using reflex points.

Dr Daniel Kerr, Lecurer in Physiotherapy, Univeristy of Ulster

Journal of Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists

The Pocket Handbook of Body Reflex Zones Illustrated in Color is a concise work of reference that is relevant to both a clinical and an academic audience. The descriptions of the reflex points and clinical indications, and the photographic presentation of the anatomical sites make it quick and easy to use. The book includes sections on the cranial, facial, auricular, wrist, hand ankle and foot reflex zones. The Pocket Handbook of Body Reflex Zones is a useful reference for clinicians, academics and students who are interested in this form of therapy.

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