Structural Energetics in Zero Balancing Bodywork

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Written by a well-established teacher of the practice, this guide to the mind-body therapy Zero Balancing is aimed at bodyworkers and all complementary medicine practitioners who work with qi. Zero Balancing uses hands-on conscious touch to address the relationship between energy and the structures of the body and clears blocks in energy flow to allow greater postural alignment and vitality. Rooting the esoteric aspects of qi and energy in a practical bodywork approach, the book is essential reading for any practitioner wishing to develop their awareness skills and access the world of energy medicine.
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Sandra Hill - acupuncturist, author, teacher, author of Reclaiming the Wisdom of the Body and Chinese Medicine from the Classics

Alan Hext draws on his years of experience as both practitioner and teacher to guide the reader through a step-by-step account of the Zero Balancing process. His deep knowledge of classical Chinese medicine allows for a rich melding of East/West, providing insight into the structural and energetic patterning of the body-mind. An essential read for all body-workers!

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