10-Minute Primer Shaolin Quan

Discover Shaolin quan with this concise and easy-to-read primer. Shaolin quan, the most influential and popular school of Chinese wushu or martial arts, is associated with the famous Shaolin Temple where the monks have traditionally practised wushu. It combines characteristics of all forms of martial arts and is grounded in ancient concepts of health and spiritual development. Fully illustrated, this book covers all the basics of Shaolin quan, including:

- Art and weapons of Shaolin quan
- Origins of the school and its international reputation
- Key principles and etiquette
- Basic movements and guidance for practice
- Relationship to the Chan sect of Buddhism
- Health benefits.

With an accompanying instructional DVD that demonstrates a key practice, it is the perfect introduction for newcomers, as well as anyone interested in martial traditions more generally. It also provides useful practice tips and cultural insights for seasoned Shaolin quan practitioners.
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