The Yang Tàijí 24-Step Short Form

A Step-by-Step Guide for all Levels

Yang 24-Step Tàijíquan is one of the most widely-practiced Tàijíquan forms in the world today, and the form that most people first learn. Gentle enough to be suitable for the elderly, yet challenging enough to stretch even the most experienced practitioner, it is also one of the most accessible and rewarding.

In his new book, James Drewe provides a comprehensive and detailed explication of the postures and movements of the form. For each, he describes exactly how the weight flows, how to use the hands, how to move the limbs, and how to relax into the movement, clearly explaining each step with the aid of foot patterns and photographs. Sections on the internal aspects of Tàijíquan, descriptions of the subtle variations that may be made when performing certain movements, and even instructions on how to fit the movements to music are also included.

This comprehensive guide to Yang 24-Step Tàijíquan is an invaluable resource for taiji practitioners at all levels, including beginners, as well as taiji instructors, and students of other martial arts.
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Press reviews for: The Yang Tàijí 24-Step Short Form

UK Tai Chi, Betty Sutherland

James has made a very good attempt at demonstrating the benefits from practicing the modern TaiJi form - 24 Step... some good tips and exercises.

Tai Chi Finder

A step-by-step guide for all levels... I love this book for spreading understanding of tai chi. I hate it for taking away some of the magic, but mostly I love it for being a comprehensive and readily understood aid to learning and teaching. After all, there's always a deeper magic!

Bobbye Middendorf - Foreword Reviews

This comprehensive book maps out in scrupulous detail, supported by nearly 700 photographs plus drawings, all the moves (hands, feet, legs, torso, musculoskeletal system, breathing, and more) for each of the twenty-four forms. Each form includes instructions for beginners as well as for more advanced practitioners... the author has done an admirable job... his passion for sharing this accessible version of taiji is evident throughout the text. With words of wisdom, complemented by years of experience and perspective as teacher, Drewe draws forth the subtleties of the "feeling" (of the moves), helping students access a deeper embodiment of the forms --- truly bridging mind and soul through this mindful movement practice.

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