Collection: Margaret Anne Gill

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Maggie found Upledger Craniosacral therapy through experiencing its profound benefits when an injury forced a career change from educational management. Studying and practising a gentle form of Yoga complemented her journey back to health and vastly improved mobility. Maggie completed her core Upledger studies in the UK and supplemented them with classes with Dr John Upledger in the USA. She has led an Upledger Study Group since 2003 and created 'Developing Confidence' workshops to offer support and developmental opportunities for UK practitioners. An active member of the Board of the CranioSacral Society for many years, she currently has responsibility for Continuing Professional Development. In her current work as a therapist, mentor and teacher Maggie finds reminders that all her life experience, including her MBA, her deep interest in change leadership, and that of the psychology of adult learners, helps her to guide and inspire others.