Acupuncture Webinar Series

Singing Dragon ran its first Acupuncture Webinar Series in Autumn 2020, with lectures delivered by Z'ev Rosenberg, CT Holman, Lorie Dechar and many more contributors.

If you've missed the live webinars at the time of their premiere, they are all available to purchase for a small fee through the Singing Dragon Library.

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Our full schedule featured:

  • CT Holman: Applying Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches to Chinese Medicine Treatments
  • Rebecca Avern: Why Do Children Become Ill?
  • Mary Elizabeth Wakefield: Vibrational Acupuncture: Integrating Tuning Forks with Needles
  • John Hamwee: Amplifying the Power of Treatment
  • Hamid Montakab: TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) versus CCM (Classical Chinese Medicine)
  • David Bomzon: "Brain Storm": Using Acupuncture in Neuro-rehabilitation
  • David Hartmann: Depression: The Silent Killer
  • Ross Rosen: Heart Shock and the Microbiome: Earth phase, Socialization and Psychoimmunology
  • Z'ev Rosenberg: “Returning to the Source”: How to Access the Han Dynasty Medical Classics to Enrich and Inspire Your Clinical Practice
  • Mary Garvey: Heart Governs the Shén: the Key to Psychological Health
  • Lorie Dechar: Cloud Gate: A Spirit Point for the Metal Season
  • Catherine Lumenello: A Practice of LOVE: Dismantling Racism, Prejudice, & Oppression with Chinese Medicine
  • Z'ev Rosenberg: Afterglow: Ministerial Fire in Chinese Medicine