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Treating Children with Chinese Dietary Therapy

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Chinese Dietary Therapy is one of the pillars of Chinese medicine and has a large role to play in health. This comprehensive book allows practitioners to add this important element to their paediatric practice and to advise parents on positive food choices for their children.

With childhood allergies, asthma, ADHD, obesity and childhood diabetes on the rise, this indispensable resource provides advice on using food as medicine for particular common ailments - such as chronic coughs, colds, stomach aches and constipation. It describes how to use food to prevent illness in children and for long-term health benefits, with a focus on strengthening digestion for a resilient immune system. It also demonstrates how diet can bring the body closer to a state of balance by living in accordance with seasons and the world around us, and listening to the body's intuitions.

Focusing on the pivotal role of digestion in a resilient and better immune system for optimal health, Treating Children with Chinese Dietary Therapy gives practitioners of Chinese medicine a resource to bring this ancient awareness to today's parents.
  • Published: Jun 21 2021
  • Pages: 224
  • 228 x 150mm
  • ISBN: 9781787753181
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Press Reviews

  • Rebecca Avern BA (hons), Lic, Ac, Dip Paed, Senior faculty member at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine and author of Acupuncture for Babies, Children and Teenagers

    Treating Children with Chinese Dietary Therapy is a much-needed book, bursting with useful information and tasty recipes. It skilfully brings together ancient Chinese medicine wisdom and modern research and will be of great value to parents and to practitioners working with children.
  • Deirdre Courtney MTCM, Author of Nourishing Life the Yang Sheng Way

    As a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, I have always focused on the importance of diet and lifestyle with all of my patients, including the children I treat. In Sandra Robertson's book, 'Treating Children with Chinese Dietary Therapy,' she covers and explains all the important areas of Chinese nutrition, including foods for common childhood conditions, that are beneficial during the different seasons and she gives lots of wonderful recipes. She fills a very big gap in the practice of paediatrics in Chinese Medicine and has created a user-friendly book for practitioners and for parents to help them establish a good foundation for their children's health. I love this book and will use it and recommend it!
  • Dr. Ganglin Yin, Principal of Oshio College of Acupuncture and Herbology (Victoria, B.C. Canada), and author of Three needle technique, and Advanced Modern Chinese Acupuncture Therapy

    Due to the huge differences between Chinese and Western cultures and languages, as well as the breadth and depth of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is difficult to accurately express its theories and methods in English; Sandra has managed to do this and captures its essence with accurate and effective advice for children's dietary therapy and I think this is a great reference book for parents and practitioners.
  • Dr. Julian Scott, PhD, Cert Ac. (and family cook!)

    What a wonderful book. Everything you need all in one place. Here at last is someone writing with real experience bringing up children, working with play groups and treating children with dietary therapy, as well as having researched both the traditional Chinese texts and the modern ones. Really practical advice and delicious recipes that are actually possible for a busy mother or father to cook.