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Acupuncture for Headaches, Eyes and ENT Pathologies

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  • Published: Jul 18 2019
  • Pages: 320
  • 258 x 182mm
  • ISBN: 9780857014047
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Press Reviews

  • Richard Bertschinger, Taoist translator and author of The Golden Needle, acupuncture practitioner

    It was a great delight to read this book by Hamid Montakab who has behind him a lifetime of practice, research and teaching. Thorough, well-researched, careful and meticulous, yet with a clarity and simplicity of knowledge quite unusual in this field. Excellent and clear discussion of pathologies, conditions, case-histories and treatments, all in a very open and flexible way - much more akin to the classical Chinese model, than some earlier texts. Not the least is the inclusion of contemporary research at the end of each chapter.
  • Dr. Jason D. Robertson, DAHM. Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine

    This fascinating text provides a much-needed analysis of conditions involving the head and neck. It is a pleasure to read as Dr. Montakab brings decades of careful thought to bear upon a collection of sometimes thorny presenting complaints. I particularly enjoyed the fresh insights from Dr. Montakab's readings of the classics which enliven the extensive clinical reflections. His unique and innovative discussion of the energetics and classical anatomy of these areas has inspired me to weave his experience into my own work.
  • Julian Scott

    It is very refreshing to read a book in English by an author familiar with the French school. The language barrier is so great that many English speaking practitioners have not even heard of the barrier points, and indeed rarely use the divergent or the luo channels. Not only does Hamid introduce the barrier points, but he also shows how they can be used to great effect in a clinical situation. The book is particularly strong on the many different types of headache, with clear diagrams of locations and clear explanations of headaches analysed according to 8 principles, Zang-Fu, 6 divisions 5 elements and of course the channels.
  • Val Hopwood

    AACP Journal
    It's not often I'm at a loss to critique a new acupuncture textbook, there have been so many written in the past, good, bad and indifferent. However, this is a wonderful book. Clearly written, carefully explained, precisely illustrated in black and white, and, best of all, easily understood and useful to all levels of acupuncture skills. Symptoms are explained with great clarity, making the subsequent choices of treatment delightfully straight forward. I would recommend this book to any practitioner. Hamid Montakab will be a good guide. Your basic knowledge will be gently nurtured and expanded. Get hold of a copy and enjoy it.
  • Philip Weeks MSc., Lic.Ac.,MH.

    The Herbalist
    This is probably the most extensive book I have seen on how TCM differentiation and treatment can effectively treat not just symptoms and pain but the underlying pathology for these types of conditions.This is not just a book of pattern differentiation and points. Other concepts are covered such as 'jing jin' (sinew channels), 'luo mai' (connecting vessels), 'jing bei' (divergent channels) and the extraordinary channels ... This is an excellent book and should be present in every acupuncture clinic as a resource that could make a tangible difference to people who suffer from a multitude of difficult conditions.