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Ministerial Fire and Chinese Ecological Medicine
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Inspired by personal observations of the climate crisis, as well as health issues from patients involving ministerial fire, this text dives into the concepts of ming men and ministerial fire - core concepts of Chinese medical diagnosis and treatment. This book will assist practitioners in understanding the mechanisms of treating patients with autoimmune diseases, allergies, skin disorders and arthritic disorders.

With material from the classic texts, Z'ev Rosenberg explains the concepts ming men and ministerial fire and its relation to the clinical treatment of chronic disorders and its ecological and philosophical implications for life on this planet.

Including case histories, acupuncture strategies and herbal formulas, Afterglow is for practitioners that want to deepen their Chinese medicine knowledge in order to treat these complex yet common disorders.
  • Published: Oct 21 2022
  • Pages: 144
  • 228 x 150mm
  • ISBN: 9781787754126
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Press Reviews

  • Peter Eckman M.D., Ph.D., M.Ac. (UK), Founding Vice President, Centre de Recherche sur les Apports Occidentaux à la Médecine Chinoise. Author of In the Footsteps of the Yellow Emperor and The Complete Acupuncturist

    In Afterglow: Ministerial Fire in Chinese Medicine, Z'ev Rosenberg takes us on a wide-ranging journey that is about so much more than the title implies. When I attended acupuncture college in the 1970s, Ministerial Fire was never mentioned once! Thankfully I had a Korean preceptor who filled in this gap early in my career, but I have never lost my interest in what this term meant to the Chinese scholar physicians who coined it. As Z'ev notes, "Ministerial fire, as an essential principle and force in Chinese medicine and philosophy, has been approached from multiple and sometimes contradictory angles throughout its history." I learned a lot from the citations Z'ev shares, and he provides an impetus for others to expand on his presentation. However, in spite of the title, I think the major contribution of this book resides in its repeated warning that humanity cannot escape the consequences of ignoring the natural laws governing the relationships of Heaven and Earth with mankind. The ecological focus of this text is a clarion call for all of us to rectify our behavior towards our natural environment, lest we forfeit the possibility for future generations to experience truly healthy lives. In his own words, Z'ev tells us towards the end of Afterglow, "This little book is a plea for ecological and physiological sanity in an era of chaos."
  • Kenneth Cohen, author of The Way of Qigong: The Art & Science of Chinese Energy Healing

    Don't let the title of this book fool you. Yes, it is a brilliant explanation of key concepts in Chinese medicine. But it is much more than that. Like the ancient Chinese philosophy of Heaven (Tian), Earth (Di) and Human (Ren), Dr. Rosenberg explores the spiritual, ecological, and personal dimensions of healing. His style of prose, like his style of medicine, is "precise and gentle" with a "refined diagnosis" of the ills that face us. The past comes alive through his clear sourcing in classical texts and commentary. In an age when people are increasingly separated by specialties and narrow focus, how refreshing to read an author who delights in interconnections. Medicine, he shows us, cannot be separated from ethics; our own inner health and health of the planet depend on each other. Afterglow: Ministerial Fire in Chinese Medicine is, indeed, a luminous work. I highly recommend it.
  • Eran Even, Ph.D., Dr.TCM

    I was truly honoured to receive Z'ev's request to review his latest book, a captivating and beautifully written account on ministerial fire, a subject so important yet rarely discussed or written about, even in Chinese. Finally, a source based manual on the history, importance, and clinical relevancy of Ministerial fire and its various permutations. It is a true gift to the field of Chinese medicine, to have a book like this, written by one of our greatest teachers and clinicians in the west. I am confident that this book will be a true gem among the growing sea of Chinese medicine literature in the West, and be of great service in the elevation of the field