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Aromatherapy and Women’s Mental Health

An Evidence-Based Guide to Support Emotional Wellbeing
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With an ever-growing interest in aromatherapy as a means to manage mental health as well as the subsequent safety concerns surrounding the use and methodology of essential oils, this timely, evidence-based book offers practical guidance on how to support women's mental health through aromatherapy.
Comprehensive in its approach, this accessible text presents the history of mental health treatments, general aromatherapy, and specific practical tips and evidence-based aromatherapeutic treatments and management for conditions such as anxiety, depression, and panic disorders which is supplemented with paediatric emotional health support. It also features chapters on grief, pregnancy, postpartum, PMS, and menopause, making it a wide-ranging and holistic compendium of advice and guidance.
This new book by Pam Conrad can be read alongside her previous guide Health Aromatherapy: A Clinically Evidence-Based Guide for Nurses, Midwives, Doulas and Therapists or as a stand-alone text and is an essential read for healthcare professionals looking to expand their holistic practice and cater to women's mental health.
  • Published: Aug 21 2023
  • Pages: 144
  • 136 x 212mm
  • ISBN: 9781839976247
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Press Reviews

  • Susan C. Schoon, PhD, PMHCNS, BC, APRN, Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist

    Creating an environment for health and healing is one of the first tenets of caring for ourselves and others. Aromatherapy and Women's Mental Health is an excellent resource for health care providers and the general public by demonstrating how aromatherapy can support mental health, as well as significantly effecting mood, reducing anxiety and encouraging support for emotional wellbeing.
  • Mary Fahrmeier MD Integrative Psychiatrist

    I had the pleasure of meeting Pam Conrad at Dr Low-Dog's foundations in herbals, managing stress and mental health course. I was impressed by her work with women's health, and her knowledge utilizing aromatherapy to help with stress and well-being. This book is not only based on solid foundation of her training, knowledge and clinical use, but her passion for treatment of women and their mental health. This book is brilliant as a reference for those who want to improve quality of their well-being.
  • Julie Szempruch Memmen, RN, MSN, Associate Vice President Midtown Mental Health (Ret)

    Throughout many of my 30 plus years in mental health nursing, I have personally and professionally witnessed Pam Conrad's extensive commitment in this field of therapeutic and evidence based use of aromatherapy. Her brilliant development of this integrative and complementary guide for women's mental health makes this a must read for all nurses and therapists. She shares numerous practice tips as well as the evidence which supports her extensive work. Given women's uniqueness and higher rates of depression and anxiety all women would greatly benefit form reading this book.