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Birthing the Tao

Supporting the Incarnating Soul's Development through Pregnancy or Rebirthing
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'This is a book about a radical revisioning of the birth process from a medical condition that requires ongoing quantitative assessments, tracking, and interventions to an awe-inspiring mystery...'
This holistic and comprehensive book guides practitioners on the journey of Taoist embryology and the development of the soul. Dr Randine Lewis delves into the theory of Taoist philosophy whilst also including its practical application in contemporary practice.
Each month of pregnancy, including the tenth postpartum month, is explained through a biomedical and philosophical lens, helping practitioners understand and treat various symptoms of pregnancy with Chinese medicine whilst never losing sight of the embodying soul. By moving away from a fear and stress-based model, this book allows practitioners to approach pregnancy with a much deeper and calmer understanding which aids pregnant clients in connecting to the cocooned inner soul.
This practical and comprehensive Taoist approach to pregnancy encourages client autonomy via self-inquiry worksheets and suggestions around diet, qi gong, lifestyle, acupuncture, and herbal therapies.
  • Published: Jul 21 2023
  • Pages: 272
  • 252 x 176mm
  • ISBN: 9781787759992
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Press Reviews

  • Yvonne R. Farrell, DAOM, LAc.

    This book is so much more than a guide for fertility practitioners. Randine Lewis invites us to embrace the mysteries of how each of us comes into being. In these troubled times of conflict, separation and existential fear, Randine Lewis gifts us with a reminder of our celestial nature. Each and every human alive had to pass through the darkness of the womb to come into being. Once we remember this, we can understand that all creative acts are a Birthing of the Tao. From the very dedication onward she reminds us, "always tend to your souls first".