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BodyMindCORE Work for the Movement Therapist

Leading Clients to CORE Breath and Awareness
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The principles of Noah Karrasch's CORE® model focus on whole body, breath, and movement awareness in order to determine where restrictions and blockages in the body may occur. Based on a lifetime of fine-tuning CORE® theory and practice, this comprehensive text not only explains in detail how and why this model works, but will also help movement therapists get better results for clients by being more in tune with them and their bodies, and by improving clarity in their own practitioner bodies.

Looking at the body as a whole with its four centres and five restriction areas, this book shows how to help clients move into and through spaces that may be `stuck'. Photographs and illustrations demonstrate how to work from a free and resilient CORE® and how to isolate, stretch and release restrictions to achieve greater energy levels and pain reduction. With the mantra that in order to treat the physical, we must also examine our emotional, mental and energetic states, this book shows how to better involve clients in their own healing process through movement work.
  • Published: May 18 2017
  • Pages: 256
  • 229 x 156mm
  • ISBN: 9781848193383
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Press Reviews

  • Beth Spindler C-IAYT, ERYT500, Yoga Therapist, Teacher, Writer at Yoga International Publications

    I will definitely reread Noah Karrasch's fine book and would love to use it as a text for yoga teacher and yoga therapy trainings. Noah's work integrates all of the top thinkers on fascia, vagus, mind/body, energy and healing into a readable and useful model that helps therapists remember why we do this healing work.
  • C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., Founder and CEO, International Institute of Holistic Medicine

    I have had over 50 sessions with Noah and consider his work at the top of the bodywork movement. Read and heed this inspirational message.
  • Victoria Day, MEd, PLPC, certification student LIMS

    This easy-to-read book thoughtfully shares Noah's wisdoms gleaned from a lifetime of living with the process of healing the bodymind. He adds to the deepness of his extensive experience by grounding it within the research and practice of other contemporary leaders in the field. I plan to keep this resource handy to read whenever my physical listening senses need a honing!
  • Ralph Harvey, MD, Cornerstone Family Practice, MI, USA

    Noah's book is a profound integration of cutting edge concepts in physiology, health and integrative medicine. In my view, this book (especially the first five chapters) should be required reading for all healers, beginning with physicians of all specialities, psychologists, and therapists of any persuasion. His understanding of the autonomic nervous system, and the impact of heart rate variability on overall health and function is a must read for any health practitioner. He makes very difficult material easy to understand. The second half of the book will be of great value to any body worker/movement therapist. Noah's practical applications of his BodyMindCORE concepts are useful, and helpful. As a client/patient, I have frequently benefited from Noah's BodyMindCORE work. He helps me breathe, move, and grow in a way that few others can.
  • Bernie Clark, author of Your Body, Your Yoga and The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga

    Weaving insights from body-centered therapeutic realms, mind-centered psychology and heart-centered practices such as yoga, Noah Karrasch has created a wonderful synergy between Western practicalities and Eastern modalities. Yoga teachers, of which I am one, will benefit from hearing what he has to say, as will their students.
  • Emma Newham, Director, Pilates Union UK, Creator of the BarreConcept Method, Owner of MyBody Studios

    Having worked in the fitness and bodywork industry for over two decades, I've had the privilege to be taught by the inspirational and knowledgeable Noah Karrasch. His unique approach combines decades of study, knowledge and personal experience. I have passed on his hidden gems and techniques to hundreds of my own students over the years with startling and profound results. His model, philosophy and approach give guaranteed results. Noah shares his perspective on opening and loosening the BodyMindCORE, in order to unwind and release inner tension. This tension can cause a reduction in circulation, resulting in a lack of energy within the body, often leading to pain. Whether you are a bodywork professional or enthusiast, there is something for everybody in this book, due to Noah's clear and concise explanation. A fascinating read - highly recommended!
  • Anita James

    This book has a good underpinning of knowledge to give an understanding of the body and the BodyMindCORE concept. The exercises could be used by yoga and movement practitioners along with remedial practitioners. It is also a book I would recommend for practitioners for self-care and nurturing which is so important for people within the caring professions.