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Dao Yin for General Health

Dao Yin Bao Jian Gong 1st Form
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Professor Zhang Guangde's most popular form of Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong (DYYSG) exercises are carefully designed to promote and maintain good health and wellbeing. This book presents the movements and offers a means of developing good health, calmness and tranquillity.

Detailed guidance and photographs show how the series of eight movements can be carried out safely and effectively, regardless of age or health condition. Accompanying online videos featuring Professor Zhang Guangde provide a useful reference for ensuring that each exercise is being carried out in the correct way. Expert commentary on the form explains the wide range of health benefits, from improving breathing to promoting longevity. The principles shared in this book are also useful in the practice of many other dao yin sequences.
  • Published: Apr 21 2016
  • Pages: 128
  • 228 x 157mm
  • ISBN: 9781848193093
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Press Reviews

  • James Drewe, Taiji Ltd,, author of The Yang Tàijí 24-Step Short Form, Tàijí Jiàn 32-Posture Sword Form, and Tai Chi

    Laid out in the same format as his previous books, Professor Zhang's book is easy to follow, precise in instruction, and packed with useful detail. The exercises are easy to grasp for beginners with the help of clear directions and excellent photographs, and for the more advanced practitioner, there is a wealth of information.
  • Richard V. Watson, Hon. President & Founder of Longfei Tajiquan Association of Great Britain, Disciple of Taijiquan Grand Master Li Tianji, Hon. President of The Tai Chi Union for Great Britain

    This latest publication on Professor Zhang Guangde's work is a comprehensive gem of information and my congratulations to all those who contributed to its creation. I have the highest regard for Professor Zhang and his work and wish the British medical authorities would adopt this established Chinese approach to health and longevity. Looking forward to my 88th year, I can vouch for and recommend this wonderful approach to health promotion, preservation and mindfulness.
  • Andrew Austin, ZDL co-founder, world Tai Chi competition medallist

    Wow, what a fantastic book! The straightforward layout is ideal for newcomers, yet detailed enough to complement the more experienced. The instruction methodically guides the practitioner gently through the form, one step at a time. Clear, simple and instantly usable, this work is a valuable addition to any collection.