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Deeper Still

Authentic Embodiment for Yoga Teachers
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Deeper Still is the next stage of an ongoing process and a consequence of further inquiry into the yoga experience from author John Stirk. Following on from The Original Body this book invites an even deeper immersion into the reality of practice and the totality of personal experience in accessing the power of our inner teacher.

As the theme of this book unfolds the reader is invited towards a sensory understanding leading to profound insight. Teachers using this book will be able to share with their students the clarity, mental space and basic wisdom that emerges as a result of their awakening physiology. We may frequently acknowledge that we are there with the group. Experience may tell us that 'there-ness' is not fixed, that it is based on an unknown element upon which all creativity is founded. Deeper Still goes beyond current experience and invites teachers to write their own story, develop their own script, ride the uncatchable wave that might be called yoga, and open up creativity to the next level.

Deeper Still enables teachers to take their students to a deeper dimension. It also:

provides a basis for off the chart experiences

appeals to the depth mind through a deepening physical experience

invites a more profound contact with groups

brings out the essence of yoga in students as a consequence of a deeper creativity

highlights emergent insight as a feature of group work

blends an ancient concept with modern western yoga

draws attention to the relationship between soft tissue sensitivity and the quality of xonsciousness

examines the potential for abundant resonance in group work and the so called 'universal experience'
  • Published: Jan 13 2021
  • Pages: 208
  • 244 x 188mm
  • ISBN: 9781912085712
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