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Dynamic Embodiment® of the Sun Salutation

Pathways to Balancing the Chakras and the Neuroendocrine System
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Dynamic Embodiment of the Sun Salutation®: Pathways to Balancing the Chakras and the Neuroendocrine System guides you to do the Sun Salutation with more ease by integrating awareness of glandular and chakral embodiment cues and neuro-developmental movement. Everything in this book can be applied to your personal practice and overall health, or to teaching others. It offers a soft, organic yet powerful approach to being in the poses and transitioning between them. What you will learn is effective and surprising. There is tangible mystery in accessing this ability, which we all have, to embody the endocrine system and the related energy fields.

By working with the endocrine system and their correlations with the chakras we are grounding the subtle within the physical body. Learn about the dynamic combination of the specific electrical and systemic circulatory nature of the neuroendocrine system. Discover how the anatomical placement of the glands and the spatial tensions (or tensegrity) surrounding them are the natural bridge to activating the energy needed for a fulfilling life.

One access route to these dynamic stimuli is through Body Mind Centering's developmental approach, conveyed through the lens of Dynamic Embodiment by BMC® Master teacher Dr Martha Eddy. This approach includes an understanding of careful skeletal positioning, brain-activating movement and hormonal balancing as well as integrating broader social somatic contexts such as the impact of lifestyle, cultural and intergenerational influences. In an age when, most likely, at least one person you know is struggling with thyroid, adrenal, or reproductive glandular imbalance, this book will provide information on the physical, emotional and spiritual impact of attuning with the glands and early childhood development imprints while practising the Sun Salutation. It includes clues for what to do when yoga or endocrine work brings on chaos - from trauma triggers, kundalini overwhelm, to basic life confusion. It gives you the tools to help ground yourself and others, and to take centered action in a dynamic world.
  • Published: Oct 25 2021
  • Pages: 256
  • 244 x 188mm
  • ISBN: 9781912085996
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