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Fascia – What It Is, and Why It Matters, Second Edition

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Fascia: What It Is and Why It Matters is the "must-have" book for everyone wanting to learn more about fascia as a tissue and a system. This second edition maintains the high standard of the first book while expanding on everything that made it so popular.

By focusing first on the fundamentals of fascia as a tissue that surrounds, supports, and permeates all the muscle, bones, nerves, and organs, Lesondak takes the reader on a journey throughout their entire body from the perspective of the fascial system, making many stops along the way to ensure the reader understands what's important and why it matters to the body.

From the new rules of biomechanics, biotensegrity, cellular processes, musculoskeletal issues, proprioception, neuroscience and cognition, somatic dysfunction, and restoration - Lesondak deftly weaves all these concepts together with a deep appreciation for the history of science, fine storytelling sensibilities, and a sense of humor as well as a sense of wonder.
  • Published: Oct 21 2022
  • Pages: 208
  • 244 x 188mm
  • ISBN: 9781913426316
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Press Reviews

  • Jill Miller, author of The Roll Model, and Body by Breath

    David's book is an enthralling clarification of all things fascia related. He distills the anatomical history, evidence and modern day practices of this lesser-known body part and weaves all threads together with a rock and roll sensibility. It's must read non-fiction for movement educators, clinicians, manual therapists and anatomy geeks.
  • Chris Frederick

    I love the way David tells his story by first relating the facts and theories we all need for such a complex subject as fascia. Yet he covers extensive but essential material in a way that leaves you refreshingly in a state of wonderment instead of exhaustion. From there he departs from other authors by weaving in his own perspectives and unique experiences with fascia: as an experienced clinician; as a videographer of anything fascia; and as a genuinely thoughtful, feeling person who cares deeply about what he writes. I thoroughly enjoyed it and so will you.
  • Neil Theise, MD, Professor of Pathology, NYU Grossman School of Medicine

    Fascia: What Is and Why It Matters is a remarkably lucid text for such a multifaceted topic. Once again, David Lesondak demonstrates his extraordinary ability to distill complex science and clinical practice into remarkably compelling and lucid prose. His creative illustrations lure you in to keep on exploring, page after page. As an interested scientist and diagnostic pathologist, reading this book stretches my imagination and gives meaningful contexts for everything I see under my microscopic. What a delight!