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Go Your Crohn Way

A Gutsy Guide to Living with Crohn's Disease
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For Kathleen Nicholls, life with Crohn's disease has been a constant battle against her bowels. But life has also been about David Bowie, dancing, and laughter. Go Your Crohn Way follows the highs and lows of Kathleen's experiences, and is full of useful advice for maintaining self-confidence and positivity while navigating the world of work, relationships, and those conversations.

Warm and inspiring, this book demonstrates how Crohn's can be life-changing, but not just for the worse. Kathleen gives advice and tips on adapting and thriving through Crohn's, including a specially created phrasebook, which proves that so long as you know how to ask for the nearest bathroom, globe-trotting is still firmly on the agenda.

Full of fun and humour, Kathleen's journey through life with Crohn's disease will leave you - like her - in stitches.
  • Published: May 05 2016
  • Pages: 208
  • 196 x 128mm
  • ISBN: 9781848193161
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Press Reviews

  • Ken Baumann, Author and Publisher

    Kathleen works wonders as a funny, strong, and honest guide to living with Crohn's disease. Go Your Crohn Way is undeniably humane and handy.
  • Michael A. Weiss, Esq., MBA, Founder of Crohn’s Disease Warrior Patrol and Professional Patient Perspective

    Crystal-clear, dead-solid accurate and witty explanations typify this book. Whether you are a new Crohn's patient, a friend or relative of a patient, or even a 30-year old Crohn's Disease patient like me, you will enjoy the compressive wisdom gained by reading Go Your Crohn Way.
  • Sally Cooney, Patient Ambassador, forCrohns

    What a refreshingly honest account of life with Crohn's disease. As a Crohn's sufferer you will find yourself nodding as you turn the pages through many experiences that we have all gone through. Her wit and sense of humour shines through to make it an enjoyable read, and it is no small achievement to make such a tough topic light-hearted. I think this book could be enjoyed by those newly diagnosed, or who have suffered for many years.
  • Vexing Circumstance blog

    This absolutely brilliant and charmingly funny book is also a decent run down on the details of Crohn's. It's only one woman's account of her personal experience but if you are recently diagnosed with something reading personal accounts can be extremely comforting.
  • Lisa Talks About... blog

    Go Your Crohn Way is so much more than a memoir. It is a non-technical, non-scary guide. It is perfect for the newly diagnosed and a fresh look from those who are 'frequent flyers' at the hospital. Having read other books to try and come to terms or get to grips with my own personal diagnosis, I have often been terrified and confused by the medical jargon that I don't understand. I finish the books with more questions than answers. Go Your Crohn Way is different. Kathleen Nicholls has created the go-to book for the IBD sufferer and rather refreshingly for the family and friends of those who suffer. Go Your Crohn Way needs to be on the TBR pile of everyone who has an association with IBD - the patient and the families. Go and buy a copy right now!
  • U Can 2 Magazine

    Warm and inspiring, it demonstrates how Chron's can be life-changing, but not just for the worse... From remembering to keep track of hospital contacts, names of doctors and consultants to whether it is best to try to keep to a special diet, to personal experiences, and also in discussing how to deal with exhaustion, depression, pain and discomfort, Kathleen speaks from the heart.
  • Jessica S

    Glasgow Women's Library
    The book can be read by those with other conditions as when it comes down to it this guide is there to provide insight into how you can be the same you that existed before illness. That the dark can be looked at in a comical way to rob it of its negative power. That you can live with a condition like Crohns and be okay. I cannot recommend this book enough as a fellow spoonie and as a reviewer.