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Integrative Wellness Coaching

A Handbook for Therapists and Counsellors
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By presenting a holistic and integrated health and wellbeing approach to personalised care through wellness coaching, this handbook provides theory, insights, best practice, case studies and CPD activities in order to deepen practitioners' knowledge and experience.
Integrative wellness is about working in collaboration and is a partnership between the professional and the patient with the latter understanding that they can take as much control as is possible for their own health and wellbeing. This book helps form this collaboration by exploring the co-creation of personalised care plans, effective coaching skills and cognitive-behavioural interventions including motivational coaching for patient activation, as well as flexible ways to provide wellness coaching.
Exploring how the mind-body connection can improve the patient's journey, Integrative Wellness Coaching is an invaluable guide for any healthcare practitioner who wants to embrace their patients' lifestyle choices and mindsets towards their own health.
  • Published: Sep 21 2022
  • Pages: 320
  • 240 x 150mm
  • ISBN: 9781839970894
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Press Reviews

  • Jayney Goddard MSc FCMA FRSM, President, The Complementary Medical Association

    This book is an indispensable guide for all practitioners. I would have loved to have had this when I was starting off, and I believe that Laurel Alexander has done the most outstanding job at bringing together some of the most important elements within integrative and complementary wellbeing coaching. Here at The Complementary Medical Association we shall be recommending this book to all of our members wholeheartedly.
  • Ray Freeman BA(Hons) PGCE FNCIP, Director of Operations of the National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists,

    Life being so busy for us all we tend to work with a solution based system when we fall ill in any way. This book written by the brilliant and innovative Laurel Alexander demonstrates a preventative approach to wellness which can be woven into our more traditional ways. An excellent read.
  • Jeannette Marshall, Director of Accreditation at Association for Coaching, International Speaker and Trainer

    The publication of Integrative Wellness Coaching could not be timelier. As humankind is balancing working from home, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the onslaught of an economic crisis, the cornucopia of research findings, professional soundbites, examples of integrated interventions, and suggested CPD reflections contained within this book could not be more topical and a welcome addition to any practitioner's resources. Laurel's conversational approach enables the reader to take on board complex ideas supported by simplistic explanations and is accompanied by tried and tested strategies. Covering numerous coaching approaches which take an holistic approach to working with clients, this handbook is a gem for either the novice or more experienced Coach. It gives real life examples of coaching interventions in practice, highlighting how individual plans are tailored to meet the client where they are at. Not only does the book contain sound advice on number of topics, one chapter deals specifically with delivering remotely, including the technology that is currently available, and focusing on how to build and maintain rapport which is key when using this medium when engaging with clients. Key insights and guidance around managing one's own presence, transference, and awareness, along with hints and tips on creating a sustainable business model ensure that this is a resource that will be called upon again and again. I cannot recommend it highly enough!
  • Su Orosa, Wellbeing Coach and Counsellor

    Against the backdrop of the impact of the pandemic, this is a timely and wise book, challenging the reader to look beyond outdated models of coaching and instead, to embrace an integrated and reflective approach to their work. What Laurel doesn't know about Wellness Coaching isn't worth knowing.