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Osteopathy and Obstetrics

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Osteopathy and Obstetrics is already well-established as a textbook for postgraduate and undergraduate students of osteopathy. In this new edition, now in full color throughout, the original text has been revised to emphasise the physiological need for change that every pregnant woman undergoes, as well as showing the consequential anatomical developments.

This revised and expanded version also gives greater emphasis in every chapter to safety issues, and to ensuring safe practice in diagnosis and treatment

The text is divided into three main sections:

Above the Diaphragm

Below the Diaphragm

The Pelvis.

It describes and explains the use of all types of osteopathic techniques including structural techniques, myofascial techniques, cranial techniques and visceral techniques. Osteopaths, chiropractors, physical therapists, and others working in the manual therapy field, will find the book invaluable for reference as a practical technique manual. The information it offers on how osteopaths can work safely and effectively to treat the common problems often suffered by pregnant women, and the potential solutions, will also be of interest and value to midwives, obstetricians, and family practitioners.

Based on Dr Sandler's lifetime work, teaching and treating throughout the world, Osteopathy and Obstetrics is a unique contribution to the body of knowledge within the world of osteopathic manual treatment.
  • Published: Sep 23 2021
  • Pages: 304
  • 248 x 190mm
  • ISBN: 9781913426231
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