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Principles of Reflexology

What it is, how it works, and what it can do for you Revised Edition
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Reflexology is a form of complete healing that can detect and correct energy imbalance and restore balance to the body by relating each zone of the body to different points on the hands and feet.

This introductory guide covers the theory on which reflexology is based, as well as its history, and the principles of practice. The author includes an description of how treatment works and how it is given, a guide to the reflex areas and their relationship to the rest of the body, effective reflexology treatments and case studies, reflexology as a preventative therapy and how to find a reliable reflexologist.

This will be an enlightening guide for anybody interested in what reflexology has to offer and for those wanting to learn more about therapies that present alternatives to traditional treatment. Students and practitioners of reflexology and related practices will find it a useful reference, and a perfect introduction to recommend to clients.
  • Published: Feb 28 2013
  • Pages: 144
  • 198 x 139mm
  • ISBN: 9781848191372
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Press Reviews

  • All Things Healing

    Nicola Hall's book is an excellent introduction to the practice of reflexology covering everything from its early beginnings in China 5000 years ago to how to find a reliable practitioner today. If you are considering a reflexology treatment, Hall's book will inform you on what to expect from your practitioner as well as the principles underpinning the practice. She is one of the leading experts on the subject and has many years of experience, making her book an excellent and trusted companion. In these times when more and more of us are seeking out complementary and alternative medicine rather than doping ourselves with expensive pharmaceutical drugs (not to mention their side effects), Hall's book comes as a welcome invitation to explore further this ancient healing practice. Highly recommended.