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Seeking Symmetry

Finding Patterns in Human Health
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Seeking Symmetry: Finding patterns in human health offers a guide through the overwhelming mass of data generated by contemporary science. Starved for the knowledge that would best help us stay healthy, we are simultaneously glutted with an overload of information about the human body. Amidst ubiquitous talk that patient-centred care and lifestyle changes are the keys to personal health, self-neglect and medical overtreatment nevertheless prevail.
The body is rich with symmetries, many of them unknown to us who live in these bodies. Symmetry-seeking reveals certain patterns for understanding the information we have about the body, patterns whose roots lie in embryonic development and in evolution.
The book's exploration will guide readers through the parts of their own bodies and introduce tangible, visible examples of symmetry, not only right and left but up and down, male and female, inside and out, as well as symmetries between humans and other species.It presents the symmetries of the body's internal structures that, despite their complexity, are nevertheless simple to understand when viewed with an eye for pattern.Through both words and images, this book will illustrate the most foundational of the principles, structures, and processes that decide how bodies function.A core purpose of the book is to present this knowledge through a lens that makes the information meaningful, by modelling the habit of symmetry-seeking.
  • Published: Oct 01 2018
  • Pages: 208
  • 246 x 188mm
  • ISBN: 9781912085118
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