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Sensory-Enhanced Yoga® for Self-regulation and Trauma Healing

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Lynn Stoller, OT, MS, OTR, C-IAYT, RYT500, E-RYT200 and outstanding expert contributors skilfully synthesize theoretical concepts and research findings from the fields of occupational therapy, trauma psychology, neuroscience, and traditional Eastern yogic philosophy to produce a Transdisciplinary Model for Post-Traumatic Growth for healing symptoms of combat stress, PTSD, or other unresolved trauma or anxiety disorders. The model is informed by the highly successful yoga treatment protocol used with U.S. military personnel deployed to Kirkuk, Iraq, which the author co-developed (Stoller et al, 2012) and by her experiences teaching yoga to veterans in her local community. Sensory-Enhanced Yoga (R) is designed to help meet the following goals:

Decrease hypervigilance and overreaction to sensory input (e.g.visual, crowds, touch, noise, movement).
Improve quality of sleep and energy level to support wellness and enhance daily productivity.
Decrease intrusive thoughts by learning to become present through breath and body awareness.
Enhance one's sense of self-worth and personal empowerment.

Whether you are a therapist looking for effective treatment tools for your clients or are seeking healing for yourself, this insightful book will provide you with effective strategies to help promote peace of mind and full engagement in life. Lynn's website:
  • Published: Aug 01 2019
  • Pages: 304
  • 244 x 190mm
  • ISBN: 9781912085132
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