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Taoist Nei Dan Inner Meditation

An Accessible Guide
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Based on the ancient wisdom of the Taoist tradition, this book translates cryptic, alchemical language into an accessible and straightforward guide to Nei Dan using everyday terms. Focussing on breath work, meditations, and series of movements founded in qi gong, this book aids you in attuning to your true nature and nurtures balance and wellbeing in your physical, spiritual, and psycho-emotional health.
Through an integration of Nei Dan inner meditations, this book explains the art of letting go of our traumas, imprints, and conditioning and encourages a reattachment of the self to our true natures. Taoist Nei Dan Inner-Meditation builds upon David Twicken's full collection and provides a comprehensive system of Nei Dan meditation for all professionals working with Chinese Medicine and anyone interested in this form of meditation.
  • Published: Jun 21 2023
  • Pages: 192
  • 214 x 138mm
  • ISBN: 9781839973871
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Press Reviews

  • Adam Chidekel, Ph.D., L.Ac.

    Taoist Nei Dan Innner Meditaton: An Accessible Guide presents sophisticated Taoist and Chinese Medical concepts to explain how emotional experience influences our health and functioning in the world. Dr. David Twicken starts with classical wisdom and transforms it into a biopsychosocial framework that can be utilized by students, practitioners, and people unfamiliar with Taoist practices to understand their lived experiences. David clearly describes exercises we can all use to attain health and harmony in our lives. The book contains a user friendly framework for understanding distress and easy to use strategies one can utilize to bring forth physical and emotional well-being. The book is structured and presented in a manner accessible to those readers who want a deeper understanding of these principles and those who want "how to" prescriptions to follow to improve their lived experience.
  • Taoist Grandmaster Mantak Chia, Founder of the Universal Healing Tao and Tao Garden, and author of Healing Light of the Tao

    Taoist Nei Dan Inner Meditaton: An Accessible guide, is just that - a step-by-step guide for understanding and applying Nei Dan, qi gong and meditation for physical health, emotional transformation and spiritual realization. Dr. Twicken masterfully decrypts an ancient alchemical language and links it to Taoist Nei Dan and Chinese medicine, giving the practitioner clarity and focus on the purpose and benefits of the Nei Dan practices presented: healing sounds, inner-smile, eight extraordinary channels and the five shen Nei Dan. Taoist Nei Dan Inner Meditation is a must read for anybody interested in studying and practicing Taoist Nei Dan, natural healing arts and any style of meditation.