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The Alexander Technique

Twelve Fundamentals of Integrated Movement
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Our entire human structure is built for movement, for all aspects of life. This book offers a new theoretical framework for understanding integrated movement, based on the latest scientific models and practical explorations.

Presenting a new interpretation of how Alexander developed his work, Easten covers twelve fundamentals of movement and shows how optimal movement is organised around sensory and spatial awareness, and our focus and goals. The book describes how to reawaken innate balanced movement possibilities. Up-to-date scientific research is woven into Alexander's concepts to give a whole picture of how the human body feels, perceives, and self-organises. Clarifying the functional anatomy that underpins the Alexander technique, this book explains how to utilize the power of the autonomic nervous system and spatial awareness to allow us to change old harmful movement habits and enable new body learning.

Written accessibly and supported by illustrations and video demonstrations of techniques, this book is ideal for Alexander technique teachers and trainees, movement educators and somatic therapists.
  • Published: Mar 23 2021
  • Pages: 304
  • 274 x 220mm
  • ISBN: 9781912085859
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