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The Essence of Taijiquan Push-Hands and Fighting Technique

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Traditionally shrouded in mystery and taught only to the closest students, the secrets of Taijiquan push-hands and fighting technique from the Chen style are revealed in this book.
Master Wang Fengming, an eleventh generation practitioner of Chen-style Taijiquan, provides detailed information about the famous internal fighting techniques and reveals inside knowledge essential to the remarkable results achieved by the Chinese masters. The book features:
- effective ways of cultivating Taiji internal power
- variety of joint-locking techniques and counter techniques
- 13 postures of Taiji explained
- leg work, including stances and kicking techniques
- unique silk-reeling exercises
- rarely revealed vital point striking
- 7 styles of push-hands training
- 20 kinds of Taiji energy explained and demonstrated.
This comprehensive book is a major contribution to the literature on push-hands techniques in the West.
  • Published: Dec 21 2014
  • Pages: 344
  • 252 x 178mm
  • ISBN: 9781848192454
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