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The Extended Meridians of Zen Shiatsu

A Guidebook and Colouring Book
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Struggling to locate and remember the extended meridians?

This guidebook and colouring book allows you to colour and draw along the path of each meridian, supporting visual learning. An effective revision tool for students of Zen shiatsu, it includes 39 double-page spreads with anatomical meridian drawings and tips on locating the meridian and the points. Appropriate treatment positions are also covered, with photographs illustrating the positions for the arms and legs. There are blank anatomical drawings at the back of the book for you to freely colour and draw on to aid your understanding and memory of the extended meridians, which are notoriously tricky to locate and remember. Colour drawings showing the multiple meridians in relation to each other are included at the back of the book for reference.
  • Published: Sep 21 2016
  • Pages: 120
  • 278 x 214mm
  • ISBN: 9781848193192
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Press Reviews

  • Clifford Andrews, Co-founder of the Shiatsu College UK and Director of the newenergywork project

    Studying the Masunaga meridian extensions can be a daunting prospect for many Shiatsu students. This book will provide you with an invaluable guide to learning the meridian extensions - allowing you to access all the meridian functions in any part of the body. You will be guided by two experienced therapists and teachers who have generously incorporated many tips alongside the invaluable drawings and photographs. Completing this book will be an exciting and rewarding journey.
  • Carol Dean MRSS(T), Principal, Northern School of Shiatsu

    What a long overdue learning tool for students, practitioners and teachers alike! The meridian locations are clearly described, with useful memory tips and treatment tips. The drawings are clear and a magnet for those of us who love to colour in. The colour diagrams towards the end reinforce and consolidate the learning journey and are easy to understand. Where was this book when I was a student?
  • Wilfried Rappenecker, co-author of ‘The Atlas of Shiatsu’

    This book is a great help when learning the extended meridians. A perfect guide book for the adventure of discovering what and where they actually are. Colour them, feel them, locate them.