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The Handbook of Bach Flower Remedies for Animals

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Bach Flower Remedies are dilutions of flower material developed by Edward Bach, an English physician and homeopath, in the 1930s. This practical handbook explains how Bach Flower Remedies can be highly effective for treating both behavioural and physical complaints in animals.

Based on strong scientific research and detailed case studies, this book is a comprehensive resource that helps find solutions to common animal health and behaviour issues. The book lists each of the 38 flower remedies, explaining their properties and applications for both animals and humans. It then looks at specific animal ailments including conjunctivitis, allergies and phobias, and demonstrates how these problems can be successfully addressed using flower remedies. Practical advice about how to prepare and administer the remedies is included, as well as guidelines for using flower remedies in animal shelters.

This book will be a valuable addition to the bookshelves of all pet owners, animal shelter workers, vets, ethologists and anyone with an interest in complementary and alternative medicines.
  • Published: Aug 15 2011
  • Pages: 256
  • 231 x 167mm
  • ISBN: 9781848190757
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Press Reviews

  • Kindred Spirit

    This is a very useful reference for any pet-owner - a must for the book shelf!
  • The Homeopath

    it is evident from this book that Enric Homedes has great experience of using the Bach flower remedies with animals.
  • British Naturopathic Journal

    I would recommend this book to any naturopath who would like to understand the mental states of patients, and to anyone who has a pet animal. With good instruction from an animal behavioural specialist, to correct the human element of the problem, and a knowledge of the Bach Flower remedies for the animal, a healthy, happy, loved, well behaved pet is virtually guaranteed.
  • Pet Lovers Digest

    The handbook of Bach Flower Remedies' by professional therapist Enric Homedes is a gem which would be a great addition to any animal lovers' collection of complementary treatment 'bibles'... Enric's love of animals is clear in this beautiful book and in the invaluable guidance for those of us who have rescue animals with a variety of behavioural issues as a result of the stress of being taken into rescue care and then rehomed. He has a deep understanding of psychological and training issues involving dogs, and this is clear in the additional chapters that are included on neutering guidance and the use of the flower remedies specifically in rescue kennels. Overall, the word 'Handbook' is well chosen for this title, as it is an all-encompassing text for choosing and using the Bach Flower Remedy system to bring greater health and wellbeing to our beloved pets. The emphasis is on explaining and illustrating in a straight forward manner the technical aspects to using the remedies, so it is accessible to all who have an interest in the welfare of animals. I use the remedies regularly on animals, and will continue to do so as I become more and more convinced of the good that they bring to the lives of our pets. A book such as this builds confidence in choosing the right remedies and handling and administering them in the most effective way.
  • Foreword Reviews

    Because of their safety and efficacy, these solutions can often be utilized for both humans and pets, relieving issues like allergies, anxiety, and fatigue. In this straightforward, handy guide, Enric Homedes describes common challenges seen in dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals. After describing the properties and uses of all the Bach flowers - noting treatment for both animals and their caretakers- Homedes dives into the most frequent behavioral problems in animals, followed by real-life case studies and advice on treatment options.... The behavioral descriptions are particularly helpful, since they may provide insight into an animal's everyday patterns that an owner might otherwise miss. Also useful, the case study section helps to put these maladies into context, and show that sometimes it takes some tweaking of the flower remedies to get just the right mix.... Because of its breadth of information, Homedes' work will be quite useful for anyone who identifies issues that might be treated with a flower remedy first rather than another trip to the vet... This well-written, very lucid guide to common pet behavioral problems and their treatment deserves to be a go-to reference for any animal owner.
  • From the foreword by Dr. Ricardo Orozco, Bach Flower Therapist, and cofounder and president of SEDIBAC, Spain

    The professional experience of Homedes, partly described in this book, reminds us once again that Bach Flower Therapy is not a matter of faith, but of technical knowledge, of good practice and of method. I hope this work is distributed as widely as it deserves and helps those wonderful beings that offer us everything in exchange for almost nothing: animals.
  • Green Spirit Book Reviews

    This is a most welcome book as in my experience animals respond extraordinarily well to Flower Remedies and it will give confidence to many people who would like to use them on their pets... a valuable addition to the literature on Bach Flower remedies.