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The Menopause Maze

The Complete Guide to Conventional, Complementary and Self-Help Options
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"Hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia... How on earth do I cope with symptoms of the menopause?" There is no single answer to this question.

Based on up-to-date research, this book provides an honest account of the pros and cons of the different options for managing the menopause so that you can make an informed decision about the best approach for your particular situation. It covers hormone replacement therapy (HRT), bioidentical HRT, medication, lifestyle, nutrition, and complementary therapies, from acupuncture and reflexology to tai chi and yoga.

This is everything you need to know about the issues you may face during the perimenopause and menopause, how to support your body as the changes start, and the conventional, alternative and self-help therapies that can ease your symptoms.
  • Published: May 19 2016
  • Pages: 256
  • 216 x 169mm
  • ISBN: 9781848192744
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Press Reviews

  • From the Foreword by Dr John Moran, Medical Director of Holistic Medical Clinic and Specialist in Menopause and Nutritional Medicine

    Megan A. Arroll and Liz Efiong have written a very comprehensive guide to the menopause. The information given should make it easier and less confusing to make an informed decision on what action to take.
  • Julieann Roberts

    Menopause Health Matters
    The book is written in an optimistic and realistic style with a 'what can I do' attitude. Each chapter clearly sets out its aims at the beginning. Each chapter is split up into succinct sections and each chapter ends with a succinct summary. It's very easy reading with no waffle and is not full of medical jargon. It is a well-referenced book so you can easily go away and do further research...this is a really helpful guide for women during menopause and for those wanting to make changes to their lifestyle to ensure that the next stage of their life is as healthy and fulfilling as possible.
  • Mariette Lobo

    The authors of the book have written an excellent, easy to read and understand guide that examines alternatives other than conventional HRT.
  • Heather Rosa

    Optimum Nutrition
    Where the book is cutting edge is in the balanced, critical discussion on the use of HRT, and bioidentical hormone therapy as well as non-hormone medical treatments and medical tests. Don't wait for the menopause; be informed and make the most of this next empowering phase of your life.
  • Diane Danzebrink
    I think it is an excellent resource which offers clear unbiased information in a very accessible form. I will certainly be sharing it with my followers.