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The Microbiome, Gut Health and Oriental Medicine

An Integrated Approach
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The human microbiome and its resident micro-organisms have in recent years come to represent a new frontier in health research and science. Yet this body of knowledge has hitherto been little addressed within Oriental Medicine theory and has consequently been underutilised in practice.
The book proposes a novel and ground-breaking approach to understanding and influencing gut health and the microbiome by integrating the latest evidence from Western medical research and the long-established theory and practice of Oriental medicine. Building on an understanding of the body as a complete ecosystem where symbiotic relationships maintain balance in both mind and body, this integrative model sheds new light on an area that has seen rapidly growing interest both in and out of scientific communities, providing a more holistic and comprehensive perspective that both unites and broadens the potential applications of microbiome knowledge across medical and therapeutic traditions.
The book's focus on the microbiome of the gastro-intestinal tract allows to explore the far-reaching and wide-ranging effects of the gut's micro-organisms on other body systems, on their ability to maintain good physical and mental health, and to fight disease and illness. This emphasis further provides readers with a practical guide to understanding and supporting a well-functioning gut and microbiome, through lifestyle choices and practices that focus on eating well, sleep hygiene, and mindful living.
The booming interest in the area of gut health makes this compelling, accessible and informative hands-on book, an important tool for patients and practitioners of Oriental medicine and other relevant disciplines, offering readers a unique opportunity to add a new dimension to their knowledge of gut health. It will allow practitioners to deepen their professional development and enhance the quality of the care they provide by honing therapeutic skills and creating hybrid treatment plans that combine the latest findings from the gut-health literature and Oriental medicine.
  • Published: Jun 21 2022
  • Pages: 160
  • 228 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781787759855
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Press Reviews

  • Judy Joo, chef, author and tv personality

    Lisa takes you on a fascinating journey into the microbiome, Oriental Medicine, and culinary wellness. This book is an essential read for anyone wanting to fully understand and practice the art and science of living and eating well. You'll discover the secrets to unlocking your biome and be healthier and happier for it.
  • Jen Wade, Joint Principal of the Acupuncture Academy

    This book is absolutely fascinating, thought-provoking, and provides a clear bridge between current Western fascination with our gut microbiome, and long established Chinese medical theory. From society's first, tentative steps into this subject area, through to a wider societal acknowledgement of its importance - we have all become obsessed with good 'gut health' of late - Lisa skilfully links through into Chinese medical theory, and most importantly, practical and real-life solutions. I am in awe of what she has done here, and it reminds me again that negative events often have the power to spark new and innovative thinking.
  • Lianne Campbell MSc, 'Gutted' podcast host and author of 'Healed' and '10 Powerful Steps to Clear Psoriasis'

    This book offers an intriguing fusion of ancient medicine and developing advances into the human microbiome. As someone with a long-term interest in the microbiome; specifically in gut health, it was fascinating to overlay this area with Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. The developments in microbial research have brought a paradigm shift in our understanding of, not only the body, but also heath, disease and treatment. This book helps strengthen our knowledge of these areas, especially in relation to Oriental Medicine.