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The Physiology of the Joints - Volume 2

The Lower Limb
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The Physiology of the Joints, conceived and written more than forty years ago by Dr. A. I. Kapandji, deals with biomechanics, a subject until then mentioned only incidentally in textbooks of anatomy. Following his lead, every anatomy textbook nowadays has a large component devoted to the functional aspect of the locomotor system, which has become an essential scientific subject.

The seventh edition of this volume deals with the lower limb and has been expanded with the inclusion of new diagrams and text dealing in particular with:

Elasticity of the Achilles' tendon
Barycentre of the pregnant woman
Stance phase
Swinging of the upper limbs
Different types of gait, ordinary and military

This book is intended for medical and physical therapy students; and for practising physicians and surgeons wishing to increase their knowledge of the functional anatomy of the locomotor system.
  • Published: Mar 25 2019
  • Pages: 336
  • 270 x 218mm
  • ISBN: 9781912085606
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