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The Tao of Movement

Chinese Medicine Principles for Movers
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For those who move, be it dancers, yogis, athletes, physical actors, or aerial dancers, the demands on their health go far beyond the ordinary. This book, authored by a seasoned dance teacher and leading authority in Traditional Chinese Medicine, unlocks the keys to maintaining wellbeing through Chinese medicine for dance and movement professionals.

At its core, lies the exploration of Qi energy, Yin and Yang, and the Five Elements, all demystified and applied in practical terms. This book also delves into the intricate world of meridians, offering unique ways to work with them through movement. The author draws inspiration from the rich philosophy of Tao, making this an excellent resource for dancers and other movement professionals.
  • Published: Nov 21 2024
  • Pages: 240
  • ISBN: 9781805012696
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Press Reviews

  • Julianna Bloodgood, physical theatre performer, actress and teacher

    This is a groundbreaking guide of Chinese medicine for movers and performers of all backgrounds. Zuna Vesan expertly connects the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine and Qigong with dance, movement and the realities of the demanding life of a performer. Highly recommended for all performance professionals to help create an empowering existence of physical and mental health, by honoring the systems of the body and finding harmony with external factors. Finally, an approach for those seeking longevity and sustainability in their performance and physical practices.
  • Deng Ming-Dao, 365 Tao, The Lunar Tao, Scholar Warrior, Chronicles of Tao

    Dance is one of the purest human expressions of Tao. Dancers must know their own bodies and they must be able to heal when needed. Zuna Vesan has given us an erudite book that is profoundly steeped in dance, medicine, healing, culture, and nature. She testifies to a life of peak movement and reveals the spirit within dance. An essential book for dancers, martial artists, qigong practitioners, healers, and all who follow Tao.
  • Susan Quinn, director of Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance

    The Tao of Movement is a book rich with information about movement and health specifically aimed for movers. Written from Zuna´s seasoned experienced eyes, we follow her trail of research as she unravels the mysteries of the body and its vulnerabilities. Her writing contains concrete and clear explanations of how our lifestyle can protect our resilience against illnesses with tips, instructions and information. This is a book to be read by everyone, but particularly those in the dance profession who yearn for a healthy, creative and meaningful life.
  • Monika Steinkasserer, physiotherapist, healer, dancer

    From the very first page Zuna Vesan takes the reader directly into the very essence of this beautiful book. In a humble, yet very clear and at the same time soft and poetic way, one is taken on a journey through the wisdom of ancient Chinese art of healing and maintaining health. This book is a treasure written by someone with profound knowledge and deep experiential understanding of the topic. I highly recommend this masterpiece to anyone interested in healthy motion from an eastern point of view.