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The Wellness Business Starter Pack

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Looking for guidance on setting up, managing or growing your business? Look no further than this collection of business books aimed at yoga, health and wellness practitioners. These books contain everything you need to allow your business to thrive. 

The Accidental Business Owner

A practical and easily accessible guide for bodyworkers and movement teachers, including massage therapists and all other complementary therapists, to the setting up and running of a private practice in order to make it into a successful business.

The Online Yoga Teacher's Guide

This down-to-earth guide will offer you advice and reassurance on moving your business online. Primarily aimed at yoga students, this book is applicable to all wellness practitioners who want to move fully online or even blend in-person teaching with an added digital offering.

The Business of Yoga

This part-guide, part workbook helps yoga teachers bridge the gap between the spiritual essence of being a yoga teacher and the financial viability of their business and is based on the authors' two decades worth of experience.

This Singing Dragon and Handspring Publishing exclusive, bundles together the very best of business advice to equip you with the knowledge needed to run and sustain a successful business and practice. 

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