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Trauma-Aware Yoga and Movement Therapeutics for Older Adults

Managing Common Conditions by Healing the Nervous System First
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Discover the yoga and movement therapies at the heart of health in later life through this accessible guide for teachers and therapists.

Beth Spindler has devised innovative movement practices based around acknowledging the trauma and vulnerability that come with a lifetime of memories. Trauma can exacerbate the effects of illnesses and conditions common in older adults, including depression, dementia, Parkinson's and arthritis. The movement and yoga therapeutics in this volume take a holistic approach to healing trauma alongside gentle practices to aide in managing symptoms in later life. Each chapter takes on a different condition or situation, explores how they can relate to trauma, and provides both the physical movement and the breathing exercises to address the issue.

Complete with illustrations and adaptations for any setting or ability, the practices in this guide are suitable for many practitioners working with either individuals or groups.
  • Published: May 08 2023
  • Pages: 256
  • 228 x 150mm
  • ISBN: 9781839974526
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Press Reviews

  • Dr. M. Tajouri, double board-certified physician specializing in addiction medicine with a personal interest in the role and treatment of trauma in addictive disorders

    Beth Spindler's latest piece will take you on a journey inward; examining life, death and the role of trauma in the aging process. Her work provides unique insight, tools and instruction to confront and break the cycle of chronic stress, finding safety and contentment in the body and mind.
  • Amy Wheeler, Ph.D., Founder of Optimal State Mobile App and Past President of the Board for International Association of Yoga Therapists (2018-2020)

    Trauma-Aware Yoga and Movement Therapeutics for Older Adults is the book that our family and friends who are enjoying their later years need to read. This book addresses several of the common issues that we experience as we get older, and want a natural solution to help us navigate. The book is easy to read and to understand. This books helps us to comprehend how to work with our back pain, past trauma, pelvic floor dysfunction, digestive difficulties, neurological pathologies, as well as emotional conditions. This is a comprehensive book that will help reduce suffering on all layers of the human system.
  • Bernie Clark, bestselling author of The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga and Your Body, Your Yoga.

    We are all sliding down the slope of time, and I am not the only one noticing changes as I age. Thankfully, I now have Beth's new offering to help guide me through the challenges. Health is wholeness and Beth Spindler looks at so many aspects of our whole body and whole experience of growing older. There is a wealth of information within these pages; from dealing with specific conditions using common sense, specific yogic exercises, and when necessary, more dramatic interventions to dealing with the whole transition from maturity onward. I really enjoyed educating myself on what lies ahead, what may be happening now and what to do about it all. I am sure you will too.
  • Kristine Weber, yoga therapist and founder of Subtle Yoga,

    This book is relevant, comprehensive, thoughtful, and clear. Full of fun, instructive stories from [Spindler's] years of personal practice and as a yoga therapist, this book offers a solid, insightful rationale as to the "why" of trauma for seniors - useful not only for the yoga-curious elder, but also for long-time students and teachers alike. I'm thrilled that Beth approaches yoga not simply as a movement practice, but as a holistic, integrated system for personal transformation.
  • Andy Seizan Robins Roshi, Zen Master, Chosei Zen Lineage

    Beth Spindler's book is fascinating and brings yoga therapy face to face with the suffering of ageing. It bridges my journey of unwinding trauma, stiff joints, and aching bones with elderly parents living with dementia and other modern-day ailments. It is invaluable and will remain close at hand for practice, teaching and connecting with an ageing world.
  • Karen L. Arthur, LCSW, BCD. Trauma Therapist, Sivananda Yoga Teacher

    Beth Spindler shines her light on practical and scientifically validated yoga practices, which inspire to heal. In an accessible way, Beth opens the door of yoga wisdom to live a full, joyful life at any age.