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Wild Life

Shinrin-Yoku and The Practice of Healing through Nature
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Jul 18, 2024

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In an increasingly urbanised world, the need to reconnect with nature is more important than ever. Originating from Japan, Shinrin-Yoku (translated to 'Forest Bathing') is a therapeutic invitation to immerse oneself in the embrace of the woods and wild places.
Covering both the philosophy and the practicalities, this is an evidence-based guide for practitioners seeking to increase their ecological awareness, explore the mental, emotional, and immunological healing capabilities of Shinrin-Yoku, and learn how to incorporate it into their practice. Building on the necessary in-person training, this book will help practitioners feel confident in guiding others in the woods as they discover their own connection to nature and is underpinned by a thorough understanding of the science behind the healing.
Practical in its approach but spiritual and poetic in its nature, this timely book provides the knowledge and skills required to adopt Shinrin-Yoku into any therapist's toolbox.
  • Published: Jul 18 2024
  • Pages: 240
  • 228 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781787758018
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Press Reviews

  • Merlin Hanbury-Tenison, Managing Director of the Thousand Year Trust, Britain’s Rainforest Charity.

    Stefan Batorijs is a master in the art of forest bathing and this book is a much needed manifesto, polemic, handbook and nature journal. Everyone benefits from spending time in nature but the age, immersion and health of that nature is important to deepen our connection. Stefan explains cogently, engagingly and beautifully how we can all restore, heal and grow by stopping and spending time in our most ancient and natural environments.
  • Oliver Cowmeadow, teacher and author of holistic healing for 40 years, and Director of the International Macrobiotic School.

    I have known Stefan for 30 years and I can say that this deeply feeling man has the most profound connection and appreciation of nature I know. He feels nature's joys and pains from nature's side. He is a supreme guide in the healing nature and we stumbling humans now desperately need, in finding reconnection and once again working together. The planet needs this man, and so do we.
  • Philip Carr-Gomm, author of Druid Mysteries and The Gift of the Night

    Wild Life is a rare gem - a book in which I want to underline virtually every sentence. It excites me, teaches me, and makes me want more of the wild.
  • Dr. Rosalind Watts, Clinical Psychologist

    Stefan Batorijs offers a profound exploration into the healing potential of Shinrin-Yoku in Wild Life. His book is not merely a guide but a transformative journey-a manifesto, handbook, and nature journal all woven together with evidence-based wisdom and spiritual depth. Wild Life is an invaluable resource for therapists and nature enthusiasts alike, providing practical guidance and poetic inspiration. A compelling and enlightening read that invites us to reconnect with the natural world and ourselves.