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Yoga in the Black Community

Healing Practices and Principles
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As the practice of yoga continues to flourish within Western Black and Brown communities, this transformative, Black culturally centered toolkit highlights the barriers that hinder access to yoga. It takes core aspects of yoga philosophy and contextualizes it within Black cultural norms, religious taboos, and historical healing practices, and teaches readers how to foster a safe haven for their clients and communities.

Based on decades' worth of experience and expertise, this dynamic author duo discusses important topics such as health disparities, complementary healthcare, and the rich heritage and resilience of Black communities. This is an invaluable and practical resource that offers practices and actionable guidance and supports practitioners to explore a Black culturally centered approach to yoga whilst facilitating better health and wellbeing for Black people.
  • Published: Apr 18 2024
  • Pages: 208
  • 228 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781839978623
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Press Reviews

  • Gail Parker, Ph.D., CIAYT, Psychologist, yoga therapist educator, and author of Restorative Yoga for Ethnic and Race-Based Stress and Trauma, and Transforming Ethnic and Race-Based Traumatic Stress with Yoga

    Yoga was originally taught and practiced as a tool for spiritual growth, as a way to integrate the spiritual self with the physical self. Its origins come from indigenous people with roots in India and Africa. Black people have a rich history of spiritual and healing practices that support health, resilience, and well-being that are compatible with yoga philosophy and practice. Yoga In the Black Community: Healing Practices and Principles offers a well-documented and comprehensive overview of these practices and gives voice to the presence of Blacks within the yoga community. A must read.
  • Kimberly Middleton RN, MPH, MS, RYT500, Founder and Owner of Path of Compassion, LLC

    Yoga in the Black Community expertly weaves the culture, legacy, and history of being Black in the US with the spiritual grounding offered through yoga philosophy and practices. Charlene Muhammad and Marilyn Peppers-Citizen give shape and context to their explanations by illuminating both the African and American influence on Black culture while relating all of it to the spiritual practices of yoga. This book is a desperately needed guide to those in the Black community considering yoga as a health practice.
  • Makani Themba, Chief Strategist at Higher Ground Change Strategies and author of Making Policy, Making Change

    Muhammad and Peppers-Citizen are making an incredibly important to contribution to our understanding of yoga, what it is, its relationship to Black communities and who it is "for." This ground-breaking book blows apart the stereotypes around yoga as exercise for "other" people, to explore Black people's deep historical and cultural relationships to the practice. The authors provide evidence based research on the positive impact of yoga on reducing violence, improving health, and advancing healing in our communities and, perhaps most importantly, they go on to show us how to create vital spaces of practice in our own communities. Part history, part guide, part clear-eyed critique of the harm Black people suffer living under racism and anti-Blackness, Yoga in the Black Community is a must read for anyone committed to health and healing in Black communities.
  • Thomas W Johnson MD, MBA

    This is a powerfully written book that enhances interconnection with mind, body and spirit.
  • Karen Valby, author of The Swans of Harlem

    This book is a celebration-of community, vitality, joy, and health. Whether you are a committed yogi or just a seeker looking for more peace and wellness in your life, Muhammad and Peppers-Citizen are excellent companions on the mat and on the page.
  • Tamara Jeffries, yoga teacher, writer, and former Senior Editor, Yoga Journal

    Yoga in the Black Community is an essential book for Black people who engage in yoga practice, as well as for anyone who teaches yoga in communities of color. Along with instruction about the physical and contemplative aspects of the practice, Muhammad and Peppers-Citizen acknowledge the historical, social, and spiritual context in which Black people are practicing yoga. This understanding is critical to a skillful and safe practice. This book will have a prominent place on my yoga book shelf.
  • Donna Noble, Author of Teaching Body Positive Yoga

    This is a book that I will return to time after time. It delves into the historical and social challenges faced by the Black community, offering a perspective that's both thought-provoking and empowering. It has answered so many questions about the reason why yoga is not readily embraced by the Black community. It is a compelling read for anyone who wishes to make yoga and well-being spaces truly diverse and inclusive. Thank you, Marilyn and Charlene, for writing this much-needed book. This book is a gift to the Black community and a vital message for all yogis who want to see the practice evolve into a truly welcoming space for everyone. A powerful read for people of all races.
  • Dana A. Smith, ERYT 500 Owner, Spiritual Essence Yoga & Wellness

    Yoga in the Black Community is a rejuvenating dive into yoga's true essence, far beyond the surface-level asana. This book is a call to reconnect with both yoga practices and rituals from our African ancestors, offering a path back to self and nature in our technology-driven world. It addresses health disparities in the Black community, presenting yoga and spiritual practices as powerful healing tools, complete with facts and recipes. This book will be a treasured resource for my studio and trainings.