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Yoga Therapy for the Whole Mother

Developing Awareness in Service of Postpartum Healing
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Jul 18, 2024

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One of the first of its kind, this is an authoritative and professional yoga therapy text offering a comprehensive overview of postpartum conditions and guidance on how to manage them using yoga therapy as both a lens and a toolbox. Rather than focussing on returning a woman's body to its pre-birth condition, this guide recentres emphasis on the mother's healing in body, mind, and spirit and guides practitioners in how to facilitate this transition.
This book is centred on the pancamaya model which views the individual as a composite of five separate but interrelated layers including the physical, the breath-energetic, the psycho-emotional, the capacity for discernment, and awe. Split into five sections based on these layers, this guide will cover common postpartum issues alongside contemporary supporting research, as well as the best yoga therapy tools to address each concern.
This evidence-based resource is invaluable for practitioners who want to help facilitate the postpartum healing journey.
  • Published: Jul 18 2024
  • Pages: 336
  • 246 x 172mm
  • ISBN: 9781839974588
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Press Reviews

  • Shelly Prosko, PT, C-IAYT, co-editor/author of Yoga and Science in Pain Care

    Romano eloquently and effortlessly provides a comprehensive and compassionate guide for health practitioners, translating the complexity of evidence-informed biopsychosocial-spiritual postpartum care into clear, simple and accessible yoga principles and practices. Yoga Therapy for the Whole Mother is an essential resource for yoga therapists and will also be of tremendous value for health practitioners interested in expanding care beyond the biomedical model.