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Listening to Scent

An Olfactory Journey with Aromatic Plants and Their Extracts
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The olfactory journey described in this book introduces readers to the pleasures and benefits of educating and training the 'nose', our olfactory palate. Jennifer Peace Rhind explores the process of cultivating our sense of smell and demonstrates how the process itself can be therapeutic and enjoyable, as well as informative. She highlights the different skills involved, from olfactory vocabulary, awareness, and memory, through to discrimination and fragrance creation, and the activities that can help to acquire them, emphasizing the value of experiential learning. She describes the Japanese art of koh-do or the 'way of incense' and suggests ways of creating group events inspired by this. Based on her twenty five years' experience working with essential oils and aromatic plant extracts, she also leads the reader through a variety of scent families, with information on the botanical source, odour profiles, olfactory notes, and suggestions for comparison with other scents.

This method of educating and training the 'nose' is fascinating, challenging and life-enhancing and will be of interest to anyone eager to develop their sense of smell, and of incalculable use to aromatherapy students and practitioners who must acquire these skills for their career.
  • Published: Jul 21 2014
  • Pages: 168
  • 228 x 150mm
  • ISBN: 9781848191259
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Press Reviews

  • Isabelle Gellé, Perfumer and Founder and Principal of The Perfumery Art School, UK

    Listening to Scent is set to become the must-have reference book at a time when the sense of smell has only started being explored. Jennifer details a step-by-step approach of how one should train the 'olfactory memory' and presents a comprehensive description of the odorscape and the associated raw materials in a way that is accessible to all. Her description of the application of scents in Japanese culture and the natural and culinary worlds adds to the excitement of reading this beautifully written book on one of the most important senses in our lives!
  • Claudia De Vos, scent psychologist, the Netherlands

    Natural perfume is the key for those who love fragrances but have not yet encountered the world of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy opens doors to enjoying the benefits of natural aromatic raw materials: essential oils. With this book Jennifer Rhind celebrates the joy of fragrances by composing a better understanding and use of natural perfume for both perfume addicts and aromatherapy lovers. Enjoy and “listen to scent”!